Yamaha YEB-321 Eb Tuba

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      Yamaha YEB-321 Eb Tuba

      Studentmodell, 4 ventiler. Messing finish. (Bildet er av modell, men ikke riktig finish).

      Info fra produsent:

      Yamaha’s intermediate model background brass have been designed by the same team that produces our top-of-the-line professional models and share many of the same qualities. They feature a rich full tone with accurate intonation, and the ability to either blend with the ensemble or project a solo. The long-lasting durable construction contains a high degree of hand-workmanship, and they offer an easy playability to enhance the sound of anyone – from beginner to advanced.
      The YEB-321 features a strong warm tone and is easy to play, with accurate intonation.

      • In Eb
      • Top action valves: 4 pistons
      • Bell: 386mm (15-1/4″)
      • Bore: 17.5-18.5mm (0.689-.728″)
      • Finish: Clear lacquer
      • Silver-plate YEB-321S
      • Mouthpiece: 66D4

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