Yamaha YEB-632 2 Eb Tuba

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      Yamaha YEB-632 Eb Tuba

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      Yamaha’s professional model background brass are world-renown for their blend of traditional warm, rich sound, combined with highly accurate intonation and easy playability. Developed in close cooperation with top artists, they represent the state-of-the-art in brass instrument design and manufacture, and are ideal for either solo performance or providing a secure foundation for any ensemble.
      Equipped with the oversized bell, the YEB-632 gives a warm dark sound capable of blending with the ensemble, or of filling the hall with sound.

      • In Eb
      • 3 top action, 1 side piston valves
      • Compensating system
      • Bell: 480mm (19″)
      • Bore: 17.5-18.5mm (0.689-.728″)
      • Finish: Clear lacquer
      • Silver-plate YEB-632S
      • Mouthpiece: 66D4

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