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    Arranger & Player With
    long experience and passionate research, the KETRON SD7 keyboard finally integrates the two worlds Arranger and Player as never before. It does not matter if you want to make music with your friends in DJ or Karaoke style or if you prefer to improvise something with your hands: SD7 really does help you both.
    A renewed Sound generation, an impressive Audio library, a revolutionary Modeling system, Styles in the best KETRON tradition, modern multimedia equipment and great ease of use, make the SD7 a powerful and irreplaceable instrument for contemporary music entertainment.


    The SD7 has an innovative and professional Arranger section with 260 Styles that cover the most popular music genres in modern live entertainment.
    The Styles use rhythm-like impromptu libraries with over 200 sound recordings perfectly synchronized with Clock Midi, with a great tolerance range even at high tempo variations (up to 30% – / + on nominal Bpm) and more of 300 Grooves of Latin percussion. The Arranger consists of 4 sections ABCD, 4 Fill In, 4 Breaks, 3 Intro, 3 Ending, To End with other control functions such as Reintro, Key Start-Key Stop, Count In, Restart. There are also 5 User Tab keys for custom assignment of additional functions.
    The accompaniment includes a Bass line plus 5 Accordions with a great variety of rhythmic-harmonic designs and 2 lower ones. There are 3 orchestral VARIATIONS that can be easily activated-deactivated during execution to get more simplified arrangements and the VARITONE device with subtle tone variations on Guitar accompaniments. You can assign 4 Voices to the Right part (Song) as well as match it to the 4 ABCD movements.
    The keyboard Arranger system is very open and allows you to freely change the stamps, volumes, and effects of each style and back it up as USER STYLE to create a custom Styles library without altering the original ones of the home. In the MY LIST section, the user can also group and store his favorite 64 Styles by further facilitating the search.
    Great attention has been given to orchestral harmonization. The wind instruments in particular are handled with disjointed harmonic lines in order to obtain a more realistic sound impact of the section. The Unplugged family, on the other hand, proposes styles with extremely basic arrangements, entrusted to the Guitar alone or the Piano with Percussions only, an acoustic environment ideal for improvising or inserting other musicians.

    Style Modeling
    Style Modeling
    STYLE MODELING is a powerful device of the SD7, the world’s only one in the arranger keyboards sector, which involves the selection and activation of hundreds of Audio Drums, Grooves, Basses, Plans, Guitars and Orchestral Sections The internal library of the instrument and their assignment to the various sections of the Style.
    Building a personalized arrangement by navigating with Modeling is really a stimulating experience. The selection of the arrangement parts can be carried out while the machine is in operation and therefore the use of Modeling is easy and intuitive. You can discover unbeatable combinations and combinations between different genres by interchanging with perfect Rhythmic Sync, Latin Groove, Low Line or Accordions. Once the search is complete, everything can be saved as User Style.
    Play Modes
    The keyboard provides several modes of execution. If you are a pianist, you can use the PIANIST Mode to play with your usual piano technique while controlling the Arranger. If you prefer to play the Bass in Manual mode without giving up the Arranger then you probably should choose the BASSIST mode that uses a particularly sophisticated logic to control the two-handed harmonies.
    In addition to facilitated predispositions for the Midi connection, new dedicated menus have been developed for the ACCORDION.
    In the CLASSIC mode, with the aim of a completely manual execution, the accordionist can arrange full orchestrations in concert with 2 voices to the Bass, 3 Chords and Voice to Song, all memorable on Registration.
    In STYLE mode, however, with the Arranger controlled by the Left Hand, thanks to the Bass To Chord function, the accordionist can set automatic chords and shades usually not provided in normal accordion technique, and then experiment with new expressive forms in light and jazz music .
    There is also an ORGAN mode for controlling both manual and manual bass using Bass Midi Pedal (Mod. KETRON PMK 8) to reproduce an executive condition in classic organist style.

    The sound generation of the SD7 offers 543 Orchestral GM sounds divided into 4 Sound Banks, with new Grand Piano Stereo, Brass and Sax sections with the now consolidated KETRON sound, new Guitars and Basses in Multilayer as well as new Pads, Strings, Synths, Plans Electrics and Accordion in Stereo and Multivoice modes.
    368 VOICES subdivided 12 families with sophisticated EDIT and the ability to superimpose up to 3 layered sounds, 2nd Voice and Velocity switches, Duet, Trio, Steel, Harmony, all memorable in the USER VOICE environment. There are many real-time controls such as Double Down-Up, Harmony, Efx, Aftertouch and Portamento, and there is also a VOICE LIST section where the user can store their own 32 favorite entries.
    48 DRUM SET Acoustics and Electronics plus a new SPECIAL KIT Stereo, with a special LIVE MODELING device that randomly controls and with different samples some percussive instruments such as Snare, Rim Shots, Claps, Snap to simulate the live performance feeling of a true drummer.
    Searching and locating VOICES is facilitated on Display by the new Touch Screen graphics that associates any image with each orchestra.

    Ram Sounds
    In addition to the already rich interior voices, the SD7 employs a new major RAM SOUND section with 46 top-quality sounds instantly loaded on Ram. There are many Electromagnetic Organs with faithful reproduction of the classic Rotary Speaker Slow_Fast effect, String Ensemble, Brass, Electric Planes, Acoustic Guitars, Accordions and Authentic Sax, Trumpet and Flicorno solo voices.

    Registration allows you to memorize the general status of the SD7 control panel, including all the settings and main functions. There are 4 Banks with 1024 Registrations each. Registrations are easily controllable on touch screens even with the help of the Numerical Pad keyboard or can be recalled from the outside through Midi.
    With the use of dedicated apps you can also take advantage of the Registration device to manage the database of external libraries for Songs, Texts etc.

    SD7 is equipped with a dual professional player capable of playing MIDI, MP3 (various formats including lyrics), WAV, FLV, CDG, MP4, AVI, M4A, JPG, PDF, TXT files. The device features CROSS FADE functions for automatic fade between a track, LEAD MUTE for exclusion of the song track and SEARCH for alphabetical or numerical search on the disc.
    Advanced management for LYRIC, TXT and KARAOKE with the ability to select colors and backgrounds for texts and send external lyrics to song lyrics. If you have a video projector this can be connected to the DVI socket. Navigation is achieved via Alpha dial and direct scrolling of files to Touch screen.
    There is the ability to create PLAYLIST for customized ladders as well as the ability to display your favorite folders (MY FOLDER) more immediately.
    There is a JUKE BOX environment for even more instantaneous song activation and a dual player DJ menu and special effects for Audio, such as Tap Time, Pitch, Cut Off, Resonance, Time, Brake and Back Spin.
    In SYNC / NEXT mode, you can accurately capture the track’s entry (whether it’s MIDI, Mp3 or WAV) in perfect sync with the current one in order to create real-time synchronized medley. . In addition, Player can handle Midi files that are already synchronized with Wav or Mp3 tracks.
    Using the new DRUM RESTYLE feature, the user can easily remix the rhythm of his traditional MIDI bases using the huge Audio Drums library available for Styles.
    VIDEO interaction in music performance has gained ever-increasing importance in recent times and the SD7 aligns with this trend by allowing you to view video clips and video clips of various kinds on both Display and External Monitor (DVI). While the video is playing, you can continue performance by running Midi Files, Mp3 or Styles simultaneously.
    There are other important innovations in the Player including PDF control with the ability to view graphical files (eg a music score) on both the Internal Display and the Monitor with Scroll, Zoom etc. functions and AUDIO MULTITRACK which allows the playback of multitrack Wav files specially extracted from Audio projects.
    Multitrack Audio is a great alternative to traditional Mp3 and Wav files with regard to professional playback, offering the ability to switch on each of the 5 tracks selectively to exclude or to reduce volume by means of sliders on the panel . A trace is also available for the Metronome Click (or for individual output) which can be sent out via external audio through the Output (Aux) headphone.



    The keyboard has a new menu for recording both Midi and Audio. You can store short patterns in PHRASE mode (also using the Arranger) and then put them looped during playback, or record a complete run in SONG mode. The Audio track is recorded in stereo Wav format and can be edited to optimize the start and end points of the execution as well as the output level.

    New DSP section: Chorus, Reverb, Phaser, Tremol, Flanger, Rotor, Echo Delay, Tap Delay, Overdrive, Distortion, Amp Simulator, Compressor, Parametric 4 Band, EQ, Filter. Two EFX Insert with 54 different effect types and 10 programmable Insert Chain combinations.
    LIVE EFX function for real-time control of Fc, Q, Decay and Release values on all instrument sections. Acting directly on the panel sliders you can intervene to close the Rhythm of the Style or Full Track audio track filter as well as modify the Bass tone, Arranger chords, or voicemail.

    Micro / Vocalizer
    The keyboard is equipped with 1 Micro Balanced (XLR) input with gain control, separate audio output and Reverb Effects, Echo, Equalizer, Noise Gate, Compressor, Pitch Shift with 10 predefined combinations and 10 programmable by the user.
    Vocalizer Section with 3 Harmonization Voices (VOICETRON), Harmony Ways, Right and Left, Unison with Arranger, Lead, or Midi file assignment.

    Input / Guitar
    Input Input can be used for a Secondary Microphone or for a Guitar Input. The Guitar can be treated internally with all available DSP Effects with the ability to control via Footswitch (KETRON FS 13 or FS 6). Those with a Midi converter guitar can also easily pilot the Arranger by setting up chords directly from his guitar.

    User interface

    The SD7 multimedia gadget features 3 USB Host connections to connect USB Pen, External HD, CD Rom or other digital devices such as Tablets and Smart Phones. Instead, you can connect and manage the instrument directly from your personal computer using the USB device connection.
    An internal slot for an optional Sata 2/3 2.5 optional hard disk is provided, with additional storage, backup, and file management options.
    The Touch Screen interface of the instrument is very intuitive and navigating between different environments is easy even without the help of the Instruction Manual, which however resides within the Html multilingual keyboard and can be consulted at any time for any detail about the various operating menus.
    A comfortable Brightness adjustment at the back of the keyboard reduces the brightness of the display, particularly useful in dark conditions.


    The SD7 is equipped with an excellent 2 x 20 W two-way amplification system that provides a hi-fi response across the entire range with low, sharp, low selective bass. It is possible to disconnect the internal speakers in case of external amplification. You can use 8 different curves to change the overall equalization of the instrument through the internal equalizer of the Dsp.

    Keyboard 61 key light weighted. 3 Velocity Curves. Aftertouch. Habit. Joystick : Pitch.Modulation. Transposer: +/- 24. Octave: +/- 2.


    128 notes. Multitimbral 48 parts


    Lcd color Tft 7 ". Touch sensitive 800 x 480 dots. Brightness control.


    Double Player. Files recognized: Wav, Midi, Mp3, Mp4, Avi, Mov, Flv, Cdg, Jpg, Txt, Pdf.

    Player Functions

    Marker. Sync / Next. Autoplay. Lead Mute. GM part. Lyric Off. Cross fade. File Search. Play List. My Folder. Transposer. Time stretching. Metronome Click. Midi Multimix. Song Drum Restyle. Audio and Midi synchronize.

    Audio Multitrack Player 

    5 + 1 Audio tracks with separate with lider control


    Double Audio and Midi player with Tempo & Pitch stretching, Pfl, Sync, Time Tap, Cue, Fx Pad, Backspin, Brake.

    Juke Box

    Play List, My Folders, SFX Special Effects.

    Pic & Movie

    Jpg & Mp4, Avi, Mov, Flv, Karaoke background, Movie / PDF To RGB, Pic List, Autoshow.


    Video Monitor Out, Karaoke Lyric / Mirror.


    Disk, Midi, Play Modes, Audio Edit, Language, Footswitch, Preferences, Controls, Video, Reg. Set up, Arabic Mode.


    Internal Storage: SSD Card 16G. External Storage: Removable SATA 2/3 2.5 HD. USB: 3 Host + 1 device.


    543 GM Sounds. 4 Sound Banks. Voice List. 48 Drum Sets + Stereo Special Kit. Live Drum Modeling.


    368 Preset Voices. New Stereo Grand Piano. 368 User Voice. 2nd Voice. V-Tone. Double Up / Down. Harmony. EFX Insert. Voice Editing.

    Ram Sounds

    46 voices (instant loading). Hi-quality tonewheel Organ and Orchestral sounds.


    • 260 Styles full Audio Drum and Groove equipped. User Style section. Midi Drum Mixer & Remap. 4 Arranger ABCD. 4 Fill. 4 Break. 3 Intro. 3 Ending.

    • Drum, Groove, Bass, Chords 1-5 . Lower 1-2.Auto Fill. Fill to Arrange. To End. Key Start. Key Stop. Restart. Count In. Drum Boost. 4 Voice Set. Voice to ABCD. Voice & Various. 5 User Tabs. V-Tone.

    Arranger Modes

    Pianist (Auto-Standard). Bassist (Easy_Expert). Manual Bass. Bass to Lowest.

    Style Modeling

    Interactive Modeling Library with Massive Audio Drums, Bass, Latin Groove, Piano, Guitar and Orchestral Templates.

    Play Modes

    Master keyboard. Accordion Style. Accordion Classic. Organ with Pedalboard. Guitar mode with Efx (through Input).


    4 Bank x 1024 Regs. Full Panel and Function Programming.


    Type: Chorus, Reverb, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Rotary, Echo Delay, Tap Delay, Equalizer, Distorsion, Amp Simulator, Compressor, Filter. EFX Insert (54 types). 10 Programmable Insert Chains.

    Live FX Control

    Decay, Release, Filter and Resonance slider control applied to Player, Drum, Bass & Chords. Low_Hi Eq to Player.


    HD Recording: 1 Stereo track. Loop. Audio Edit with Cut, Normalize. Midi Recording. Phrase and Song .


    XLR Input. Gain control. Volume. Reverb. Micro On / Off Edit. Talk.


    3 Voice Vocalizer. 10 Voicetron Presets + 10 User.

    Instruction Manual

    Html on board.


    In1 (Gm), In 2 (Keyb). Out. Thru. Midi Set up: Standard, Computer & Sequencer, Keyboard Right, Accordion, Player, Style.


    Left / Right Stereo, Pedal Volume, Sustain Pedal, Micro Out.


    Guitar (Instrument) / Micro2 .


    Stereo Headphone. Aux separate Out Assign (to Drums, Right, Bass, Click).


    Footswitch 6 or 13, Volume Pedal, Sustain Pedal, Bag.

    Power Supply

    External 15 V.


    2 x 20 watts. 2 x Midrange speakers + 2 x Tweeters. Speaker On / Off.


    115 x 39 x 12.5 cm (46 x 15.6 x 5 inches).


    15 Kg (33 lbs).

    Vekt 1 kg



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