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      Crumar MOJO61 virtual tonewheel organ, 61 keys, 9 drawbars, Gsi VB3.2, single manual


      No, we don’t want to «up the ante» or «change the game», we just want to offer you the best experience you can expect from a digital organ and electric piano simulation. And we did it, we did it the best we could. The result is the Crumar Mojo 61, a single 61-note waterfall keyboard compact digital drawbar organ and electric piano built into a sturdy yet elegant case with a practical and intuitive command panel.

      The Mojo 61 uses our new DSP technology derived from the GSi Gemini and is powered by the same electromechanical organ simulation that powers the dual manual Mojo, the GSi VB3-II. Under the hood there’s a load of new and innovative technology, the best you can expect from the union of modern audio processing and a classic interface. The control panel features just buttons, pots, drawbars and LEDs with clear labeling for a true what-you-see-is-what-you-get experience with no gimmicks.

      Everything you need to do during your live performance is only one button away, a few inches away from your fingers. But the moment you need more, you get more. Take your wi-fi device (smartphone, tablet, laptop), use it to connect to the Mojo 61, open the editor Web-App into your preferred browser and you get total control over all sound and function parameters the Mojo 61 has to offer. Make your sound, because you know what you want, and you can have it! Mojo 61 is modeled after 22 different vintage tonewheel organs, pick the one you like better and adjust all other parameters, then save it.


      And it’s not only about tonewheel organ. Mojo 61 features a very expressive and rich Pipe Organ sound modeled after a classic Baroque-style organ with 8 stops plus one mixture, three couplers and the tremulant motor. Don’t expect samples, don’t expect polyphony limit because every sound the Mojo 61 generates is pure real-time physical modeling synthesis with full polyphony.

      To complete the organ saga, Mojo 61 offers the simulation of two ever greens, the italian Compact DeLuxe and the «red tolex» Continental. Both play beautifully, magically realistic, ready to make you feel like playing the real thing.

      And… it’s not only about organ at all! Even if Mojo 61 features a high-quality waterfall semi-weighted keybed, it’s great to have two of the most sought-after electric pianos handy right inside the unit, ready to play at the press of a button. Yes, Mojo 61 offers the physical modeling simulation of a classic Tine Piano and a Reed Piano, once again it’s not about «bread and butter» additional sounds, it’s indeed a very important part of the whole Mojo experience. Electric pianos are completely emulated thanks to complex math calculations, in order to offer you the most realistic feel and sound, and the exact behavior of the mechanical counterpart. If you have one of the real E-Pianos being simulated by the Mojo, we invite you to make an A/B comparison and test how realistic they are, from the very basic sound to every subtle nuance, down to the behavior of the sustain pedal, the symphatetic resonances, the mechanical noises and every other detail, everything is there where it belongs to be.


      To enrich and emphasize the beauty of the Mojo sound, an essential yet complete effect section is right inside the box. What’s a tonewheel organ without a great rotary effect and a tube overdrive? And how can you think to play electric pianos without a great stereo phaser or a stereo chorus? And what about some static amps for the transistor organs? Hey, don’t forget the reverb! None of the effects of the Mojo are just… effects. They are indeed great effects, modeled after some of the most famous vintage stomp boxes, the best guitar and bass amps, the most complex and effective reverb algorithm and, of course, the gorgeous classic 122/147 tube rotary amps.

      It’s hard to believe that such a tiny keyboard can generate such a big sound! But that’s the truth, that’s Crumar Mojo 61.




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