Zildjian K Custom 14″ Reversible Hihat Limited Edition

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      Zildjians K Custom-cymbaler lages etter samme grunnprinsipp som den opprinnelige K-serien men metoden er utviklet for å forsterke cymbalenes «tørre» karakter. Resultatet har blitt et sound som ytterligere øker cymbalenes bruksområde. K Custom Dark-serien har tørre «trashete» overtoner og kort etterklang.

      Developed in conjunction with world renowned drummer Akira Jimbo, the Limited Edition 14" K Custom Hybrid Reversible HiHats feature a brilliant/traditional finish combination that produces a variety of tone colors depending on where the cymbals are played. This results in a musical "darkness with brilliance" sound combination. Unlike standard HiHats, the Reversible HiHats do not have a designated “top” or “bottom” cymbal, meaning each is interchangeable. This gives you greater variety of tonal possibilities with a single pair of HiHats.

      On one cymbal, the inner half features an unlathed and brilliant finish, while the outer half is traditionally finished with K Zildjian style lathing. The unlathed section helps control the wash and sustain, making it ideal for situations where you need more blend in your HiHat sound.

      On the other cymbal, the inner half has a traditional finish, while the outer half is unlathed with a brilliant finish. This cymbal also features the innovative "reverse Mastersound edge hammering." This eliminates airlock where areas between hammer marks strike the other cymbal - creating a softer Mastersound tone.

      We invite drummers to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the innovative K Custom “Hybrid” series with these finely crafted cymbals.

      • Developed in conjunction with Akira Jimbo

      • Brilliant/traditional finish combination

      • Interchangeable “top” and “bottom” cymbals

      • Wide array of tone colors

      • Softer “Mastersound” chick sound

      • Weight: Medium Thin

      • New “Limited Edition” logo




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