Yamaha YV3030MS Vibraphone Semi Concert Type F33-F69 Range

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The YV3030MS is positioned between the student and high-end market segments, offering performance that will satisfy a broad spectrum of users from junior high school and high school students to advanced players



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      The tone bars are made of the same aluminum alloy that is used in Yamaha celestas. The tone bars produce a soft, warm tone that blends beautifully with other instruments in ensembles.

      The gas spring height adjustment system previously used only in our high-end keyboard percussion instruments is now provided in our educational and semi concert models as well, allowing students of any height and physique to play in ideal posture with simple operation.

      These components make height adjustment easier by eliminating the need to maintain instrument level while adjusting height (with the previous models, care was required to keep the instrument level while adjusting its height). The vibration-damping rubber also reduces floor noise that can occur when the instrument is played.

      In the previous models the damper and damper pedal were linked by a metal rod that could be accidentally bent if a user attempted to adjust the instrument’s height without first loosening the rod’s wing bolts. In the new models the metal rod has been replaced by a belt that eliminates this problem. And since the wing bolts are replaced by a buckle, there is no chance that they will be misplaced or lost. The use of a belt also means that slippage cannot occur when the damper pedal is pressed.

      Compared to conventional damper mechanisms that use a pivoted damper arm, the damper mechanism in the new models moves perpendicularly to the natural and accidental tone bars and contacts them evenly for improved damping. The new mechanism is also safer, because parts that could catch fingers have been eliminated.

      The lightweight, easy-to-use supplied cover keeps dust off the instrument while it is not in use.

      Vekt 35 kg
      Dimensjoner 127 × 74 × 85 cm



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