Yamaha YV-1605 Vibrafon

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      YV-1605 is an inexpensive alternative which has all the features of high-end model vibes, including the same bar material with special aluminum alloy. It is ideal for students and professionals playing at various scene. A quiet motor with silent pause and silent fan speed slider control allows musical expression without unwanted noise. The height adjustable frame allows for the most comfortable playing position for all players. The exclusive Yamaha tuning method is used, ensuring true pitch and a full sound. The bars also feature a silver matte finish that produces a warm sound. The non-graduated bars help to keep this keyboard compact, while the 1 1/2″ width and 1/2″ thick bars allow projection and full tone.

      Size/Weight Dimensions Width 124cm Height 80-88cm Depth 74cm Weight Weight 38kg Design/Architecture Detail Bars Thickness 13mm Width 39mm Material Aluminum Finish Matte finish silver aluminum alloy Fans Motor YVM200 Pause controller (25–150rpm) Voices Tone Generation Range 3 octaves, F33–F69 Pitch A=442Hz(other pitches available by special order)




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