Yamaha YDM707B Dynamisk Super Cardioid Mikrofon (Svart)

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Dynamic Microphone for Creators

  • Custom-designed supercardioid capsule
  • Insulator that reduces handling noise
  • A refined grip that’s instrumental



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      Express Yourself with Yamaha

      By incorporating decades of expertise in developing musical technologies, the YDM Series of dynamic microphones provides an exciting new addition to the Yamaha audio line-up that spans the entire input to output signal chain.

      Custom-designed Cardioid Capsule

      Encased in a sleek metal body, the YDM Series microphones feature custom-designed capsules that flawlessly capture your sound so you hear crystal-clear audio on the other end.

      The YDM707 is equipped with a supercardioid capsule that captures a wider frequency range and rejects unwanted background sounds even more efficiently

      Insulator that Reduces Handling Noise

      YDM Series microphones are equipped with an advanced insulator Yamaha’s proprietary materials that reduce vibrations from handling noise and other external sources, allowing you to concentrate on your performance.

      A Refined Grip that’s Instrumental

      Taking cues from our experts in musical instrument design, the YDM Series microphones follow a refined design that incorporates the flowing curves of a wind instrument. The top and bottom of the grip are accented with silver rings, giving it a distinctive design.

      The grip is not only beautifully designed; it has also been optimized through repeated prototype tests to ensure a comfortable fit.

      YDM Series Grille

      For some performers, mic drop moments are unavoidable. Whether from epic monologues or mishaps, replacement grilles are sold separately so you can keep your microphone looking like new.


      In addition to the microphone holder, a 5/8″ to 3/8″ inch threaded adapter and a microphone pouch are also included.

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