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    Fra clean boost til en nydelig sustain til et raseri av harmonisk kompleksitet gir den nye VHT V-Drive overdrivepedalen deg en unik kontroll av hele lydbildet. Full kontroll på lydtettheten og store toneforskjeller. I tillegg til standard drive og volumekontroll tilbyr V-Drive deg mye mer enn mange andre pedaler på markedet.






    The V-Drive’s 11-position Select switch provides ten different clipping diode configurations plus a clean-boost diode-bypass mode. (Clipping diodes are the heart and soul of nearly every classic overdrive pedal design, and the type and configuration of these diodes defines the overdrive texture and dynamic response character.)
    The V-Drive’s Select switch replicates the diode type and configuration of the most popular overdrive pedals of the ’80s and ’90s as well as some of today’s most sought-after boutique designs. The V-Drive also offers several new diode types and configurations for some fresh tones for the future, enabling players to make their own unique contributions to the advancement of the art of overdrive.


    The V-Drive’s Texture control adjusts the overdrive texture and harmonic content. Working in conjunction with the Select switch, these two controls provide an unprecedented range of fine-tunable overdrive choices. Warm and smooth or bristling with harmonic activity, the choice — and voice — is yours.


    The V-Drive’s unique 11-position Depth control fine-tunes the low-end response to perfectly voice the overdrive depth to suit a wide range of guitars, pickups, and musical styles.


    The V-Drive’s Tone knob is voiced higher than is commonly expected. Unlike most overdrive pedals, it adjusts the treble content without altering the midrange. The V-Drive’s Tone control works in conjunction with the Depth control to provide a wider and more useful EQ-shaping range than conventional overdrive tone controls.


    The unique Voltage control uses a special voltage multiplying integrated circuit to increase the pedal’s operating voltage for a tighter, punchier, crisper, quicker-responding and more authoritative tone — ordinary 9-volt pedals can’t match this new level of dynamic response. The Voltage control can also reduce the V-Drive’s operating voltage to as low as 5 volts for a softer and spongier attack.

    Like a box full of pedals in one, the innovative, revolutionary — and surprisingly affordable — VHT V-Drive introduces the next chapter in the quest for the ultimate overdrive.


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