TC Electronic Röttweiler Distortion – The Ultimate High-Gain Guitar Pedal

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    Råtøff distortion-pedal for all slags metal!

    Röttweiler Distortion is the one-stop shop for all things metal. From ultra tight thrash to downtuned sludgy riffs, classic heavyness or a modern crushing tone, this one does them all with a gloriously musical in-your-face attitude and vicious aggression.

        •    Monster distortion
        •    Two-band active EQ
        •    Normal/mid-scoop toggle

    Terror on Tap

    An all-analog design with a distortion circuit based on soft clipping ensures … wait, you know what? Let’s just say there’s a raging, firebreathing dragon waiting to be unleashed in this pedal, but the distortion always sounds natural and huge.

    Terrificably Tweakable

    Röttweiler’s sound is distinct and aggressive, but also very shapeable via a two-band active EQ with Bass and Treble controls, allowing you to go from a classic Motörhead to a Sabbath-y sound through to a more modern Thrash or Sludgy tone with ease.

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