Roland TD-27KV2 Digitalt Trommesett

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Record. Rehearse. Rest. Repeat.

When you need an expressive drum kit for recording and rehearsal duties, the TD-27KV2 V-Drums delivers.

NB: Basstrommepedal, skarptromme- og hihat-stativ medfølger ikke.



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      • Premium V-Drums kit with flagship-class sound
      • Updated TD-27 sound module with enhanced features and advanced Prismatic Sound Modeling derived from the flagship TD-50X
      • 75 ready-to-play preset kits, including 10 all-new kits and a variety of new samples
      • 14-inch digital snare, 14-inch digital hi-hat, and 18-inch ride cymbal with high-resolution, multi-sensor triggering for unparalleled dynamics and accurate positional detection
      • Large-diameter mesh-head pads and thin-profile cymbals provide an acoustic-like playing experience
      • Drum in a variety of hyper-realistic sound spaces with PureAcoustic Ambience technology
      • Enhanced layer and transient functions plus support for parallel compression
      • Updated module interface for even faster sound selection and drum customization
      • Import your WAV samples via an SD card
      • Stereo mix output and two assignable outputs for sending individual drum sounds to a PA mixer
      • Integrated 28-channel USB audio interface for professional computer music production
      • Three auxiliary trigger inputs for easy kit expansion
      • Onboard Bluetooth for drumming with music from a smartphone or laptop
      • Built-in practice tools for developing drumming skills

      When you need an expressive drum kit for recording and rehearsal duties, the TD-27KV2 V-Drums delivers. With generously sized pads all round, there’s plenty of space to get comfortable behind the kit. Then there’s the natural and superior expression that you only get from Roland’s unique digital snare, hi-hat, and ride pads. And it’s all hooked up to the updated TD-27 module, complete with new preset kits, effects, and processing capabilities—based on the same technology found in Roland’s flagship TD-50X. Practice with songs via wireless Bluetooth® audio. Record up to 28 channels of audio through a single USB cable, and then take your sound out on the road with assignable direct audio outputs. Whether practicing, recording, rehearsing, or gigging, a drummer’s life is a busy one—so pick the kit that can do it all.

      SPECIFICATIONS Kit configuration Drum sound module: TD-27 x 1 Snare: PD-140DS x 1 Tom: PDX-100 x 3 Hi-hat: VH-14D x 1 Crash1: CY-12C-T x 1 Crash2: CY-14C-T x 1 Ride: CY-18DR x 1 Kick: KD-10 x 1 Drum stand: MDS-STD2 x 1 *1 Extra trigger input jack 4 (AUX1-AUX3, CRASH 2) *2
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