Recording King Songwriter 30 Akustisk Forsterker

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  • 2 Channels; 1 Instrument, and 1 Microphone

  • Master Reverb Control

  • One 10” Full-Range Special-Design Speaker

  • Max Output: 30 watts

  • DI Out

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    The Recording King Songwriter 30 is a high-quality two-channel acoustic instrument amplifier with balanced full-bodied tone.

    Easy to use, compact, lightweight and portable, the Songwriter 30 has all the features you need to amplify your acoustic instrument and voice, without excessive “bells and whistles.” It has two independent channels, one for instruments, the other for microphones (this channel can be used with mics, line-level devices and instruments).

    With 30 watts and a Special Design 10” speaker, the Songwriter 30’s sound is surprisingly strong and powerful. Features include an Aux input for mobile phones and other devices, an effects loop, a Headphone jack, a Line Out jack, a Tuner Out jack, and an international voltage switch for operation anywhere in the world.

    Model Name: Recording King Songwriter 30
    Max Output: 30 Watts
    Channels: 2
    Channel 1 Controls: Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble
    Channel 1 Switches High/Low Input Sensitivity
    Channel 2 Controls: Gain, Bass, Treble
    Channel 2 Switches: n/a
    Global Control: Master Volume & Reverb
    Speakers: One 10” Full-Range Special-Design Speaker
    Back Panel Features: Line Out, Send, Return, DI Out, AUX In, Headphones
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