PROLIGHTS DIAMOND7WH wash moving head

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      DIAMOND7 is the smallest luminaire in the DIAMOND family offering all the advantages of WBFX technology. WBFX technology establishes a new concept of versatility offering three operating modes: high performance Washlight with advanced color calibration , punchy Beam light and amazing FX graphic generator,  revealing itself as a true creative tool for the LDs. DIAMOND7 is equipped with 7x15W RGBW/Full Color Osram Ostar LED driven to 1A and it is the brightest LED fixture in its category offering one of the highest lumen/W ratio in the industry, through the combination of high-end LED source, new optic design ,and the most advanced liquid-cooling system and PSU managment on the maket. A 1:11 Fast-Zoom system offers a fully variable beam of 6°-66°, remaining even in the whole range and making this fixture useful in both indoor venues as TV studios and music hall and outdoor large environments as stadium and arenas. The “Wash-mode” features a perfect color calibration system and homogeneous light distribution through the application of reflex-technique where color are pre-mixed in the internal optical channels. The “Beam-mode” enters in action when DIAMOND7 is zoomed to 6° featuring a parallel beam and the fixture becomes an ultra-bright mid-air effect light.  The “FX-mode” is obtained through a state of the art combination between the honey-comb gapless optic design, pixel control of every individual LED and the advanced firmware features. DIAMOND7 offers several DMX mode with mltiple pre-built static and dynamic patterns which can be controlled on different layers and variable in speed and position also in the basic DMX mode with low channels requirements. Extreme speed and precision of movements is guaranteed by the ultra-lightweight chassis and by usage of special motors, allowing DIAMOND to be fast, reactive and precise in its movements. SHINE series electronic design offers advanced features as colorful high-definition LCD display with multi-language Menu, battery backup, RDM, hibernation, color bounce, advanced diagnostic, dimmer control and color managment system.
      Light source and optics
      7 x 15W RGBW FullColor Osram Ostar LEDs
      Driving current: 1A
      Lux @3m: 9’700
      Honey-comb gaplessplano convex optics
      Colour synthesis: RGBWFullColor mixing (>16 million colours) for a limitless colour range and variable CTC control
      White temperature presets: 3200K~10000K
      Beam angle: 6°-66° Fast-Zoom with 1:11 ratio
      Electronic linear zoom with motorized and scrolling lens panel
      LEDs average life span: >50’000 h
      0-100% linear dimmer
      Independent shutter and fading effects with adjustable speed and random strobe
      Strobe: Electronic, 1-25 flash per second
      Virtual color wheel with LEE and rainbow presets
      CTC control through independent DMX channel
      Color Bounce effect
      Several pre-built pixel Macros with adustable Speed, Color,Dimmer
      Color LCD display with high resolution for simplified access to control menu, configuration and DMX
      Menu language: English, French, Spanish
      4 DMX configurations available: 16/17/18/24 channels for full flexibility and control (preliminary)
      2,4GHz WDMX receiver by Wireless Solutions (optional)
      Input and output signal through 3p and 5p XLRconnectors
      RDM ready to set DMX Address, Display Flip, X/Y Reverse and more settings
      RDM monitors Voltage, Current, Power Consumption Of Lamp
      Firmware Upgrade Via DMX
      Hibernation When Lost DMX For Preset Time
      Advanced diagnostic system for all PCBs, with thermal and fan rotation control
      «ENERGY SAVE” mode: 50% reduction of power consumption during blackout status
      Remote unit reset by DMX
      Fixture life timerTemperature indication of base, arm, head
      Battery backup for user operation without connecting to the main
      Structure and moving body
      Internal protection: IP20
      New cutting-edge liquid cooling system,  which allows a better temperature management of LED board to deliver higher output
      Cooling: forced ventilation with low-noise fans, no heat generation
      Power cable (shuko 1,5mt) included
      Motion Angle: Pan = 630° (1,45 sec) Tilt = 265° (0,72 sec)
      Pan/Tilt resolution: 8-bit or 16-bit:Pan = 2,47° 
      Pan Fine = 0,009° Tilt = 1,03° Tilt Fine = 0,004°
      Suspension and fixing: any possible working position through «quick lock» omega brackets (included)
      Power supply
      Power supply: 100-240V 50/60Hz
      Connections: PowerCON IN/OUT
      Power output allowing up to 14 units to be connected on a single power line (at 230V)
      Max power consumption: 126W
      Weight and dimensions
      Weight: 8 kg
      Dimensions (WxHxD): 278x200x370mm
      Vekt 20 kg



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