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      BEAMROLL8W is a Dual Beam Bar with motorized tilt, consisting of two rows of LEDs, each with 4 beams individually controllable. BEAMROLL8W deliver 8 punchy beams, which perform long through projection thanks to the powerful 8x8W LED White source and 4° narrow optics on each pods, resulting in a versatile projector for applications as effect in clubs and concerts.BEAMROLL8W offers advanced control modes as DMX control with pixel2pixel managment, but also simplified modes such as pre-programmed macro-pixel, auto show-and-sound show which make use accessible to everybody.
      Light source and optics
          8x8W White LEDs high brightness
          Beam angle: 4°
          LEDs average life span:> 50,000 hours
      Electronics and features
          Motorized tilt axis with rotation to 145°
          Control Panel with LED display (4 chars)
          Different DMX available configurations (1, 6, 12 channels) for professional or simplified control
      1 channel: Show
      6 channels: Tilt 1, Tilt 2, Master Dimmer, Strobe, Chase, Chase Speed
      12 channels: Tilt 1, Tilt 2, Master Dimmer, Strobe, Dimmer1-8
           Auto mode: preset automatic programs with speed control
           Master / Slave: For the control of several units linked in a chain
           Sound Mode: Switch music via the internal microphone, sensitivity control
           Linear passage «stepless» DMX values
           Frequency diode anti-flicker (400Hz) for video recordings
      Structure and power supply
          Aluminium housing, degree of protection: IP33
          Filtered forced air cooling fan with low noise
          Automatic repositioning after accidental movement
          Suspension and Mounting: any position through omega (included) with a system of «quick lock»
          Power supply: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
          Wiring IN / OUT signal and power connections through XLR3p/Powercon
          Average power consumption: 85W (output up to 12 projectors)
          Weight: 5,5 kg
          Dimensions (WxHxD): 395x234x180 mm
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