Montarbo Palcoplus LM24 Digital Controller

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      Montarbo Palcoplus LM24 Digital Controller

      The LM24, a 2-in/4-out loudspeaker management system, provides signal processing for the PalcoPlus system. AD/DA sigma-delta conversion is carried out with 24-bit quantization in order to maintain the highest audio quality, while a powerful 56-bit DSP provides all the functions of crossover, limiting, delay and equalization for the four output channels.
      A convenient backlit LCD display allows verification of system functions, and simple panel controls permit preset selection and local control of gain, level, delay and output muting.

      LM24 boasts a signal-to-noise ratio greater than 100 dB, and the converters offer a dynamic range of 113 dB at the input and 112 dB at the output. The front panel is designed to take all the abuses of the road, being made entirely of stainless steel, and using etched lettering. Its switching power supply allows it to be used with any voltage from 100 to 250 V ac, at 50 or 60 Hz.

      LM24 comes preprogrammed with eight presets, specifically made for use in five different configurations of PalcoPlus, from small systems using one sub and two RA16s, to long-throw and short-throw parameters for large arrays. Balanced input and output connections are provided through Neutrik® XLR connectors, and two RJ45 connectors provide RS485FD serial interfaces for network control using the RAConTM software.

      Power supply: SMPS   100-240 V ac – 50/60 Hz

      Inputs/outputs:: balanced, max level +13 dBu

      Connectors: 4 x XLR3M (output)
      2 x XLR3F (input)
      2 x RJ45 (RS485FD)

      DSP: 56 bit

      ADC: 24 bit
      Dynamic Range 112 dB

      DAC: 24 bit
      Dynamic Range 113 dB

      S/N ratio: >100 dB

      Factory Presets: 8

      User Presets: 8

      Dimensions: 1U rack 19” x D 230 mm

      Weight:  3 kg
      Vekt 4 kg
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