Montarbo NM250P

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      Her har du en modell som passer i veldig mange settinger og har særskilt god lyd i forhold til størrelse. Passer perfekt til mindre forsamlingslokale, klasserom, større møterom m.m.



      Two-way passive PA & Stage Monitor. Designed to provide really remarkable sonic performance in the most diverse applications, NM250P8 is the jack-of-all-trades for musicians, rental companies and installation firms looking for relevant SPL and broad frequency response in a versatile and space-saving loudspeaker system.


      – Power handling: 200W/8 Ω
      – 121 dB max spl.
      – 8″ high-efficiency wide excursion woofer with 2″ voice coil.
      – 1″ compression driver with 1″ voice coil.
      – 90° x 60° constant directivity horn integrated in the shape of the cabinet.
      – Equipped with a sophisticated passive crossover-controller circuitry that results in better response linearity and speaker protection.
      – The cabinet, made from injection molded polypropylene, is equipped with a steel protection grid and two threaded inserts (M8).
      – Recessed carrying handle, stand adaptor with safety lock, mating feet and cavities for safe cabinet stacking, and low turbulence tuning ports are all built into the cabinet.
      – Multi-angled cabinet design, allowing for either vertical (P.A) or horizontal (stage monitor) installation.


      Ideal for a very wide range of applications both indoor and outdoor: as mini-PA system for live music, conferences, talk-shows, bars, pubs, karaoke, clubs, restaurants, small auditoriums and venues, places of worship, home studio, in fashion shows, gymnasiums and many other situations.

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