Montarbo MC-R8FX

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      8-inputs, 6-channel, rack-mountable mixer.


      MC-R8FX stands out for its very compact size, suitable for mounting in a standard rack, using the optional adapters, the complete endowment of signal sends and returns and the practical configuration of the controls, that result in a simple and immediate utilization. Fitted with a dual Montarbo stereo effects processor, based on a powerful, latest generation, 56 bit DSP, that provide 2 x 205 high quality programs, with an uncompromized sound quality (thanks to the dual 24 bit conversion) mated with unusual ease of use. The switch-mode power supply results in a minimal weight, and the very high efficiency minimizes the emission of heat, thus increasing the system’s reliability and prolonging it’s working life.

      – 8 inputs / 6 channels (4 mono, 2 stereo)
      – The mono channels are fitted with both balanced microphone (XLR, with phantom power) and line (jack) inputs, with adjustable gain, insert, channel direct out, high-pass filter, 3-band equalizer with a semi-parametric MF control, 4 aux sends (two of which may be switched pre-post fade), pan, mute and pfl switches, peak level indicator and 60mm volume fader.
      – The stereo channels are fitted with one balanced microphone (XLR) and two line (jack) inputs, with adjustable gain, 3-band equalizer, 4 aux sends (two of which may be switched pre-post fade), balance, mute and pfl switches, peak level indicator and 60 mm volume fader.
      – The dual stereo multieffects processor (based on a 56-bit internal DSP and 24-bit Δ-Σ conversion) provides high performance digital audio processing combined with extremely easy operation. Each one of the two effects processors offers 205 high quality programs all carefully tailored to today’s music requirements: Early, Stereo Gen, Ping Pong, Halo, Delay, Detune, Flanger, Chorus, Ambience, Chamber, Room, Hall, Cathedral, Plate, Plate Dly, Big Space, EcoRev, Concert, Live, Gate Inside a Box , Living Room, Ptc Rev, Pitch, Distance, a group of effects for specific instruments Vox – Flute – Trumpet – Sax – Brass – Keybrd – Piano – Gtr – Drum – Toms – Cymb – Hihat – Kick – Snare – Tom and the ‘classic’ Montarbo effects Echo, Echo+Reverb, Voice Reverb, Halo+Reverb).
      – The L/R master outputs are fitted with level indicators.
      – The AUX outputs are fitted with a 3-band equalizer, the EFFECT may be used as monitor sends or for external effects.
      – The effect returns may be routed independently to the master and monitor outputs.
      – A really useful feature will be the possibility of plugging-in an analog recorder or of using the practical USB connection to connect a personal computer, used as a digital recorder/player, and of monitoring the master output or the PFL via the headphone output with adjustable volume

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