Montarbo MATRIX 88 – Matrise 8×8

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      8×8 digital audio matrix, expandable to 8×32, for announcements and background music.
      Allows for the insertion of up to 4 BM88 microphone stands equipped with 8 zone selection buttons (up to 32 using the BM 88 EXP expansion). 
      Allows for connection of remote control panels: RC 88 MIX (source and volume selection plus local microphone input and local aux input), RC 88 (source and volume selection), RC MIX (source and volume selection plus two local microphone inputs and relative treble and bass controls). The modules are connected through a CAT5 cable to an RJ45 (one for every panel for a maximum number equal to the number of system zones).
      For every zone, there are: remote audio input, remote panel input, treble/bass control, general gain, remote gain input.
      The matrix has 4 stereo RCA line inputs with relative gain, 4 Euroblock balanced inputs with relative switch (line – mic – phantom), 2 inputs for paging microphone stands with relative gain, 1 XLR microphone input with relative gain and treble/bass control.
      Selectable output control. 5 priority levels in the following order: microphone 1, fire alarm, remote paging console, remote control panels and background music.
      Internal speaker for zone output control.
      3U 19″ rack mount.
      Power supply: switching 230V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz and 24VDC

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