Larrivee F-33 Classic Scrolled Cutaway

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    En av verdens beste mandoliner med Scrolled cutaway kropp.


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    At the top of the list of the Larrivee Mandolin’s features is «Bark»…the oh-so illusive «Chunk» as well as the «Throatiness» that mandolin players seek. The sound is crafted through meticulous construction and a focused attention to the most minute detail. The traditional water stained sunburst brings out a stunning figure in our Master Grade Maple & Spruce, and it’s all encased in a ultra-thin custom formulated varnish. Finish off that list with custom casted hardware including: tailpiece, tuners, and loar style bridge.


    – Master Grade Flamed Maple

    – Master Grade Sitka Spruce Top

    – Master Grade Flamed Maple Neck

    – Ebony Fretboard w/Microdot Inlays

    – Multi-Strip Binding

    – Mother-of-Pearl Headstock Logo

    – Casted Tail-Piece

    – Casted Engraved Tuners

    – Vintage Water-Stained Finish

    – Loar Style Bridge

    – Limited Lifetime Warranty


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