Ketron SD1000 Lydmodul

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Kompakt lydmodul fra Ketron med deres utsøkte lydpakke med live-innspilte instrumenter og DSP



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      The SD1000 is an interesting integration in the sector of sound modules in terms of compactness and performance music.
      As well as having all the tonal sounds necessary for optimum playback of music format files General MIDI ‘s standard and Kar, SD1000 also has more benches additional sound with an incredible variety of orchestral Voices: Stereo Grand Piano of 88 keys, guitars Acoustic and Electric, Brass and Saxophones of Unique Quality, Sampling Bodies, Accordions, Basses, Strings, Acoustic and Electronic Drum Sets etc.

      The SD1000 also comes with a large amount of Audio Loops for Drums and Percussions, divided into several musical genres, which certainly differentiates the SD1000 from all other similar modules on the market.
      The module is the top of its applications in combination with a MIDI player (such as KETRON MIDJAY) or computer sequencers (Logic®, Cubase®, Cakewalk® and others) but can also be connected to Master Keyboards or Multiple Keyboards -purpose (Arranger, Synth, Digital pianos, etc.)


      Thanks to its integrated USB port, it can be easily combined with a lap-top and used in the world of music entertainment for Midifiles reproduction or to improve the low sound quality of sound cards integrated into personal computers.

      Realizing a quality and low cost entertainment station quickly, reliably and safely has never been so easy!


      In this context, the SD1000 can truly express its full potential.
      It can be connected to your computer (PC or Mac) via USB, via the Midi cable (if you already have a Midi interface card) or via the Midi to USB cable provided as optional accessory by KETRON.

      Using music sequencers such as Cubase®, Logic®, Cakewalk® or similar, you will be able to successfully integrate the SD1000 into music processing (Midi files, Jingles, Mix Audio, etc.), making the most of its great sound versatility.

      To facilitate the integration of the tool into the most common music production software platforms, KETRON provides a set of templates (free downloadable from the site) that allows you to easily and easily control all the resources of the instrument (sounds, effects, drum sets) directly from your favorite sequencer.

      The SD1000 can be used as an additional module to enrich the keyboard palette of your keyboard.
      Equally indicated is the coupling of the SD1000 with non- sounded master keyboards or the current mini-remote keyboards increasingly used in the live set.
      We think a so powerful and so compact sound module can definitely join the Vs music set up.

      Audio loops and new sounds:

      In the SD1000 , besides the stamps that are now part of the Standard (GM) references, you will find other Sound Banks with many sound features in traditional households (Pianos, Strings, Sax, Brass etc).

      Certainly the feature that distinguishes the SD1000 from other sound modules is the presence of countless Loops Audio (Drum Loops downloadable from

      Imagine inserting these loops into your music creations … they can enrich, if not even replace, the rhythm of your tracks and make the difference with everything you’ve done so far in Midi files.

      Just a little example. Imagine a midi Caribbean music file, where we are often accustomed to listening to unconvincing Latin percussion pieces.
      We apply some of the Patterns available in the Loops database in addition to (or rather replace) the existing Drum Track (Copy & Paste).

      With very few operations we will be able to replace the rhythmic Midi structure with audio Loops and the result will be amazing.

      Of course, once your music file is completed, saving it in the most congenial format you will have the ability to play it with any sequencer or MIDI player (eg MIDJAY or similar) by connecting it to your SD1000.

      A powerful and flexible DSP:

      The SD1000 has a powerful and flexible DSP that is extremely versatile and programmable.

      In addition to the two sections of Reverb and Chorus you will find in addition a Rotary, Wha Wha and a Hi Quality Distorsion effect.

      Two Insert effects with Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremol, 4 Band Parametric EQ, Compressor and Delay can be connected to the reproduced midwifes tracks and provide additional realism and vitality to the sounds of the SD1000 .



      Internal Storage Flash Memory.
      USB Midi-USB Connection.
      Sound Card 512 Voices, 47 Drum Sets, 248 Audio Drum Loops.
      Polyphony 128 notes
      Multi timbral 32 parts (2x16)
      DSP 11 Effects, 2 x EFX Insert, 20 presets
      Midi In, Thru
      Main Out Left / Right Stereo
      Headphone Stereo
      Control Volume Control
      Optional Bag
      Power supply External Power supply: 9V
      Dimensions Width 147, Depth 109, Height 39
      Weight 0.5 Kg
      Technical specifications and external appearance are subject to change without notice. Technical and aesthetic specifications can undergo variations without notice.
      Vekt 1 kg



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