Joyo Ironman Future Chorus

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      For many guitar players they consider chorus to be that cheasy sound from the 80’s. Which is true, but also used as a staple effect by many of the 80’s grunge and indie players, so essential if you like the sounds of the old school.

      Use this little chorus to widen your sound to full effect, bring it to the front of the mix and give your clean sounds much more depth. The JOYO Future Chorus is a subtle analog chorus that nevers sounds too much, even in an extreme settings, the sound you dial in remains fully usable, If you need a beautifully transparent chorus that works in many situations, then this little future chorus is the pedal for you.

      Product Dimensions    7.3 x 4.3 x 5 cm
      Item Weight    220 g

      Level – Contrast proportion
      Depth – Depth of the chorus effect
      Chorus Speed

      True Bypass
      Input Impedance:1M
      Output Impedance:10K
      Running Current 22mA
      Power:DC 9V adapter (negative polarity)
      Dimensions 73(L) * 43(W)* 50(H)mm

      Plug in 9v DC Adapter (not included)

      In the Box:
      3m Velcro & Rubberised backings to fix to your board.
      Instruction Card & Serial for warranty
      1 new mini guitar effect pedal from JOYO.

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