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      A DJ Mixer

      iRig MIX allows DJs to use a traditional setup with two devices (one plugged into each of the independent channels) OR a single iOS device. For the single iOS device setup, the output of the single device is split into dual-mono and sent to the individual channels. This flexibility, combined with the iRig MIX’s portability gives aspiring and pro DJs a compact system that can be used everywhere…anytime. Now, you can practice when you want – perform when requested – because your «Rig» is always with you. You can set up in minutes for house, backyard, dance and «after» parties. Play in your bedroom, dorm room, or at sporting events before the big game. Planes, trains and automobiles once meant that your DJ gear was inaccessible. Now, no matter where you are or where you are going, you can mix and rehearse sets.



      • 2 stereo inputs with gain, bass, treble and volume controls, independent cue on each channel with LED indication and channel cross-fader
      • Instrument/microphone/extra input with volume control can be processed by iOS apps (such as AmpliTubeVocaLive)
      • Stereo output with RCA connectors, master level and LED meters
      • High quality, pristine sound
      • Quality headphone output for master or cue monitoring with independent volume control
      • Input switch splits Input 1 into dual-mono for use with DJ mixing apps on a single iOS device
      • “X-Sync” mode allows auto-sync with any audio source using the included DJ Rig free app
      • Can be powered with the included AC adapter, battery pack and laptop USB ports
      • Includes 4 free apps: DJ RigAmpliTubeVocaLiveGrooveMaker
      DJ Mixer 
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