ICON DT-8A Air (Single)

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      ICON DT-8A luft Active Studio Monitor System gir en jevn og presis respons som gjør systemet behagelig å lytte til. Den er utstyrt med Icons innovative «Air Con» trådløs kontroll modul som gjør det mulig for deg å ha ultimate trådløs kontroll på studio innstillinger. Nedenfor ser du noen av de viktigste funksjonene.


      Compact high performance active studio monitor

      • Active 2-Way Monitor System with complex Active Crossover design
      • The ideal solution for near-field monitoring in any recording or broadcasting facility
      • Designed for use in stereo as well as multichannel setups
      • Tuned by top-skilled acoustic engineer’s ear to fulfill any requirements in real recording studio environments
      • High, Mid and Low range contour control
      • High-Pass Filter – Flat, 60Hz & 80Hz selectable
      • Bi-Amped: 150W (LF), 80W(HF)
      • R-Type Transformer for super clean output


      • ICON Custom designed 8” woofer
      • Nomex® reinforced paper cone for crisp, clean and very open reproduction
      • Low loss SBR surround with low creep and long time reliability
      • Progressive spider to achieve soft clipping and low distortion even under extreme load
      • Heavy dual magnet ferrite magnet system with extended height for superb bass reproduction
      • Aluminum short circuiting ring and cupper cap in magnet system that practically eliminates motor distortion
      • Very rigid die-cast aluminum chassis with very open geometry for optimized air-flow to eliminate compression


      • High-end 1” dome tweeter
      • Soft fabric dome and surround with wide-dispersion optimized geometry
      • Big surround to reduce distortion
      • Low loss ferrofluid-free magnet system for open and detailed sound
      • Heavy ferrite under hung dual magnet system for high sensitivity and low distortion
      • Extended and air-flow optimized back cavity to ensure low compression and low resonance frequency
      • Rugged die-cast aluminum faceplate with wide-dispersion optimized geometry


      • Robust and very rigid design
      • Diffraction optimized smooth front baffle design
      • Extended front baffle dimensions to eliminate any vibration or sound radiation from the enclosure
      • Premium absorbing material for long life high performance bass reproduction

      AirCon™ Wireless Controller Module fully integrated

      • Remote controlled Volume and Mute
      • High, Mid and Low range contour control
      • High-Pass Filter – Flat, 60Hz & 80Hz selectable
      • LCD Display (Graphic type)

      System: Two-way active nearfield monitor
      Frequency Response (+/-3dB): 35 Hz – 25 kHz
      Max SPL 2 m, pair in listening room (IEC Short Term): 120 dB peak
      Bass Principle: Bass reflex
      Tuning Frequency: 40 Hz
      Tweeter: 1″ wide dispersion silk dome
      Woofer: 8.0″ Nomex paper cone
      Magnetically shielded/compensated: Shielded and Compensated
      Cross over frequency: 2.2 kHz
      Cross over slope: 24 dB/oct (LP and HP)
      Input level for 100dB SPL @ 500-2000 Hz avg @ 1 m: 0 dBu RMS @ 0 dB level setting
      Input connectors: Balanced XLR
      LCD: Graphic type, white backlit

      User settings (on the rear panel)
      Power: 2 pos switch (On/Off)
      Input sensitivity: 20 pos encoder (0 dB to mute)
      High Pass Control: Digital switch (Flat / 60 Hz / 80 Hz)
      Bass control: Digital switch (-2 dB / 0 dB / +2 dB)
      Midrange control: Digital switch (-2 dB / 0 dB / +2 dB)
      Treble control: Digital switch (-2 dB / 0 dB / +2 dB)

      Power consumption: Idle: 15W / Max: 230W
      Amplifier power: Tweeter: 80W / Woofer: 150W
      Internal cabinet volume: 14.5 liters
      Weight: 14.5 kg (31.9lbs)
      Dimensions (WxHxD):  255 x 376 x 285 mm / 10.1” x 14.8”x 11.3

      Vekt 15 kg
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