HK Audio Line Base Single E110SUB-AS + 2 E835

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      The Line Base single system is composed of two E 835 mid/high units in a mono column format, and it offers genuine long-throw sound reproduction properties for bigger indoor venues and open air concerts too. If more bass is required, the system can easily be expanded with a passive E 110 SUB subwoofer and/or with the active L Sub 1500 A of the Linear Series. In case of DJ applications or open-air applications, where there is a demand for more low end, the 1200-watt 15″ subwoofer is the first choice. A bass extension via the L 1500 A subwoofer provides the possibility of a straight line, so that you can feel the bass even in the last rows.

      • Elegant design
      • Scalable and flexible to expand
      • Practically cable-free
      • Lightweight and compact
      • Maximum output: 2,400 watts
      • Long-throw properties
      • 5-year HK Audio warranty

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