G&L M-2000 Tribute B-vare

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G&L M-2000 er en moderne klassiker med aktive humbucker-pickups som gir stor variasjon i tone med fyldig lyd!


NB: B-vare – litt klirring i strengene, høres ikke gjennom forsterker.

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    Lightweight Swamp Ash Body

    The G&L Tribute M-2000 Electric Bass body is made from swamp ash which features an iconic shape with elegant contours for a comfortable performance. The swamp ash tonewood gives a twangy, airy, sweet sound that sits well in any mix, whilst offering a stunning grain.

    Top of The Range Hardware

    The G&L Tribute M-2000 Electric Bass is loaded with 2 M-spec G&L MFD humbuckers. The M-spec G&L humbuckers uses 2 ceramic bar magnet; one for each coil, opposed to the normal alnico V magnets. These pickups yield around twice the output per wind, which makes the pickup quieter but still allowing a greater overall output. As well as this the MFD’s have adjustable pole heights unlike the alnico models, allowing you to choose which strings get the heightened poles rather than just rising the whole pickup. The M-2000 also has added control with its G&L M-spec 18v pre-amp, volume, pan, and 3-band boost or cut EQ with centre detents.

    Maple Neck & Fretboard

    The G&L Tribute M-2000 Electric Bass features a bolt-on maple neck in a medium C shape. Fitted with a maple fretboard and 21 medium jumbo nickel frets, this bass offers excellent playability, ideal for any level of player. The maple fretboard and neck deliver sizzling highs and firm lows.

    The History of G&L

    G&L was founded by Leo Fender and George William Fullerton in the late 1970s after Leo sold his company Fender in 1965. They went on for many years building high-quality guitars for the public and stars alike. Sadly, in the March of 1991 Leo Fender passed away on the very same day he finished his last prototype, declaring that he had given all he can to the musicians of the world to his wife Phyllis. Before Leo’s passing, he wanted to ensure that the legacy which him and George had built (G&L) would carry on shining into the far future. It was then that his wife Phyllis under request from Leo chose John C.McLaren (CEO of BBE Sound) to take over management, expand and develop in the way Leo dreamed. With John as the CEO and Phyllis as an Honorary Chairman, G&L continued to grow into the great company it is today just as Leo envisioned it too.


    • Cutaway Shape Provides Comfortable Playing Experience
    • Maple Neck & Fretboard Delivers A Warm, Mellow Tone
    • Loaded With Two M-Spec G&L MFD Humbuckers
    • Finished In 3-Tone Sunburst Gloss
    • C Shaped Neck
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