Digidesign BF Classic Compressors Bundle

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      Bomb Factory Classic Compressors look, sound, and work just like the real thing. Whether you’re just learning to use compression or a seasoned pro polishing a final mix, you’ll love these time-proven designs.

      The Bomb Factory BF-2A is modeled after one of the most popular compressors in the industry — the renowned LA-2A. The Bomb Factory BF-2A tube compressor plug-in’s vintage sound delivers incredible warmth and classic compression with the convenience and flexibility that only a software plug-in can offer.

      The Purple Audio MC77 is meticulously modeled and personally approved by Andrew Roberts of Purple Audio, Inc. and is the latest addition to the Bomb Factory Classic Compressor family. The MC77 plug-in is a spot-on digital replica of Roberts’ acclaimed MC77 Limiting Amplifier, which in turn is an update of his classic MC76 hardware unit. Representing a different take on the 1176-style FET limiter, Purple Audio MC77 gives you access to all the goodness of the original with the convenience and flexibility only a plug-in can offer.

      Proprietary modeling technology captures every tube, transformer, and transistor of the originals! Plus, both include sidechain support and perfect stereo tracking — two features not available in the «vintage» domain.

      Each of Bomb Factory’s Classic Compressors — Bomb Factory BF-2A, Bomb Factory BF-3A, Bomb Factory BF76, and Purple Audio MC77 — preserves every audio nuance and sonic subtlety of the originals. Far more than just a simple simulation of attack and release times, they respond authentically and accurately to all variations in program material. Cutting-edge technology captures every tube, transformer, and transistor of their hardware counterparts, while their software design affords additional luxuries.

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