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      UHF In Ear Monitor Wireless System – Single Pack with Ear Buds

      StagePass IEM Stereo Wireless In Ear Monitor System includes the following features:

      StagePass IEM Stereo Wireless In Ear Monitor System

      • 16 Channel UHF Agility for frequency plan flexibility
      • Stereo Operation for discrete Right/Left transmission flexibility via combination XLR-1/4 connectors
      • CADLock ™ Automatic Tone Encoded Squelch to eliminate unauthorized interference.
      • MEB2 TruPitch™ Dual Armature Earbuds provide accurate audio reproduction while the EasyFit™ Silicon molds provide a custom fit
      • AA batteries with >10hrs of battery life
      • Metal Chassis Transmitter for a durable and formidable shielded enclosure.
      • Included carry case, rack ears and antenna relocation kit

      System Specs

      • Frequency Range
      • Q Band 470 498MHz
      • Audio Frequency Response 40Hz – 16KHz
      • Dynamic Range >101dB
      • Dynamic Cardioid Capsule
      • Frequency Response 40Hz – 16KHz
      • Transmit power 30mW
      • AA Batteries with >15hrs battery life
      • Audio Input : Combination XLR – 1/4”

      Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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