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      GXL-U UHF Wireless Microphone Series

      Enjoy the easy and exciting performance that the GXL Wireless Series provides for your next stage performance. CAD Audio has been creating valued product since 1933 and prides itself on developing and supporting the live performer. The design criterion for the GXL-U wireless mic series was straightforward: Develop a high value wireless microphone system that can cope with today’s challenging RF environment, that is both easy to use and exciting to operate.

      CAD Audio GXL-U Wireless Series

      The GXL-U Wireless series comes in multiple configurations to suit your needs.

      The GXL-U Wireless series comes in multiple configurations for your live performance needs, with high-quality, reliable components to keep up with you for the long haul. Features of the GXL-U series include two discrete channels of wireless packaged in one receiver chassis, with a compact, discrete UHF antenna that recesses when not in use. Each channel has RF and AF indicator lights that indicate the presence of connectivity and audio source.

      Multiple Output Options

      Three output options are available on the receiver for maximum performance and flexibility of use. Choose from a professional balanced XLR discrete, professional balanced XLR mixed output, or a professional 1/4-inch output for easy output to a guitar amp or mixer equipped with 1/4-inch input connections.

      Long Battery Life

      Wireless components in the GXL-U series feature advanced battery life, with the ability of delivering over 10 hours of performance for the mics and transmitters.

      Versatile Transmitters

      Each handheld transmitter is outfitted with mute and on positions for flexibility of use. The handheld transmitters also feature a battery life indicator, so you know how much stage time you have left.

      Accessories Included

      All Bodypack systems ship with WXGTR guitar cable and WXHW condenser headworn mic included in the system.

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