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      Insert an ultra-light diaphragm into an acoustic field. Detect the pressure gradient as the membrane symbiotically oscillates. Move a coil of wire in the magnetic field. Generate an analogous electrical current in compliance with Faraday. Precisely phase align to create maximum attenuation at +/- 125 degrees. Install blast filter, mechanical decoupling, and recessed on/off switch. Apply non-reflective polyurethane. Compare to industry standards for tone, gain before feedback and handling noise rejection. Includes 15ft XLR/XLR cable and mic clip.

      Live Vocals, Brass, Guitar Cabinets, Bass Cabinets.

      CAD25A Specifications

      Operating Principle: Moving coil dynamic
      Polar Pattern: Supercardioid
      Frequency Response: 80Hz to 13KHz
      Sensitivity: -53dBV (2.3mV) @ 1 Pa
      Impedance: 500 ohms



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