CAD Audio ANT120 Bladantenne

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Bladantenne fra CAD Audio som passer på WX100-serien av trådløse systemer



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      The CAD Audio ANT120 UHF Paddle Antenna is a high-quality device operating at an ultra-high frequency level. With the ability to act as a passive and active antenna, the paddle is excellent for RF performance. Each paddle is matched with 50 ohms impedance and a low-loss BNC connector, providing an increased send/receive signal range. Perfect for in-studio use, the professional wireless antenna easily mounts to a 5/8-inch-27 thread and will create a smooth sound in moments.



      • ACCESSORIES: Compatible with the WX100 Series wireless system, this antenna can be used in permanent or temporary installations
      • RELIABLE: With an ultra-high frequency of 520 to 860 MHz, the antenna is ideal for television broadcasting, personal radio services, and a multitude of other applications
      • CONVENIENT: Increase performance and reduce interference from unwanted sources with log-periodic dipole array type antennas
      • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: The antenna’s electric field oscillates up and down in a vertical plane to radiate or receive greater directional power through vertical polarization
      • EFFECTIVE: Equipped with BNC type termination and a 5/8”- 27 threaded stand connector to match impedance and minimize signal reflections
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