CA Seydel Munnspill Junior Starter Kit

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Just Play Harmonica – Junior Starter Kit – booklet (36 pages) & video workshop for children from 6 – 99 years

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    JUST PLAY HARMONICA – it can be that easy!

    With this workshop you will learn how to play harmonica – guaranteed – even if you never played another instrument before.

    Your teacher Mr. Just will help you to succeed – step-by-step! With the videos (or the multimedia programs) you can easily practise wherever you go. Ten songs for any occasion and a high-grade «JUSTY» harmonica in C-major included!

    Just scan the QR-codes in the booklet with your smartphone* and each lesson will start automatically – it is that easy!

    The unique tutorial method with «Mr. Just» as the conductor is very easy to understand and it is a lot of fun to play along.

    In the book you will also find the sheet music/tabs and the lyrics of each song. In the videos the sheet music scrolls slowly from the right to the left and you can play along untill you can play a song by memory!

    Additionally each song-video can be started on your desktop computer, your mobile phone or in the Android-App. There are two versions of the videos, one with harmonica + piano and a playalong version with piano only.

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