Beta Three Cinema CS3412A 2×12″ Main screen speaker

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    The Beta Three® CS3412A Cinema Series loudspeaker is a two cabinet system consisting of a two-way mid/high horn loudspeaker and a separate subwoofer loudspeaker cabinet. This Series has been specifically designed and engineered to meet the demanding requirements within Digital Cinema installations where high quality music and vocal reproduction is essential.

    Four transducers three way full range
    High SPL, high sensitivity
    Two 12″ big power woofers
    One 8″ compression horn mid range transducer,
    One compression driver with 44mm titanium diaphragm
    Built-in crossover for HF/MF. external crossover for MF/HF
    90 40 wide dispersion can get the wider covering
    Computer simulating design provide very good Frequency response and phase feature
    Very convenient walling installation mode
    Suitable for THX,DTS and other multi-channel surrounding sound reinforcement in cinema
    Suitable for Mid/small cinema audio system

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