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    Denne tremolopedalen gir en deilig pulserende lyd i bølge mønster. Du kan naturligvis justere dybde og fart. Se for deg effekten i en Fender Blackface amp med tremolo som i en Twin eller Super Reverb. 




    Think an old Fender Blackface amp with a tremolo circuit like a Twin or Super Reverb. Now imagine that warm, pulsating effect of the sine-wave oscillator working its magic as perfected by Leo Fender. Pretty awesome, right? Reality check: your amp doesn’t have a classic Leo tremolo circuit, or it just doesn’t work well anymore. Fact is, a lot of those old tremolo circuits get pretty dodgy over time, often ending up delivering a jarring on/off square-wave effect or a weird popcorn-popping sound.

    Enter Tremor. Created by Paul Gagon, former R&D Engineer at Fender and certified amp geek with soft spot for Leo-era classics, Tremor faithfully recreates the experience Leo’s finest amp tremolo. Better yet, Tremor features dual foot-switchable speed controls. Just think: having two speeds locked and loaded means you can cover Crimson And Clover then follow that up with For What It’s Worth. Okay, so maybe you’ve got a couple other songs in mind, but the cool thing is you can do it without reaching down to tweak a pedal or messing with your amp. You know, that old Twin with the tremolo that also makes popcorn. What’s more, its bulletproof reliability means it can take the abuse of the road without breaking a sweat, unlike that vintage Blackface you’ve been babying all tour long.

    BBE fans will note that Tremor’s back with a new look that really nails the experience. Amp spotters will peg the flavor right away, with Tremor’s white graphics on a matte black finish, complemented by crème amp knobs. Tremor is just dripping with that transitional 1963 mojo, and once you plug into it, you’ll find tremolo that would surely impress Leo himself.

    BBE Tremor: Leo’s Finest Tremolo, Now Available in a Pedal




    ·         Speed 1, Speed 2 and Depth controls

    ·         Speed 1 / Speed 2 mode footswitch with LED indicators

    ·         Blue status LED pulses at rate of speed selected

    ·         1MEG Ohms input impedance for proper pickup loading

    ·         1K Ohms output impedance when engaged

    ·         1% metal-film resistors for consistency

    ·         High-voltage poly caps for better tone

    ·         Military-spec circuit board for reliability

    ·         Easy access battery compartment

    ·         True hardwire bypass

    ·         5-year warranty



    Nytt design siden videoen, men den samme gode lyden.


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