AXL Marquee Capricorn Dual Pickup Electric Bass Lake Placid Blue

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      The original design of the Capricorn bass combines classic elements with modern appointments to appeal to players who appreciate vintage style but want a bass that sets them apart from the rest. The Marquee Capricorn Bass (AJ-800) has an offset Alder body, a maple neck and a rosewood fretboard. The industry-standard 34” scale length helps insure excellent tone and intonation. The two single-coil EMG-designed Alnico pickups provide round low end with midrange punch. Independent volume controls for each pickup allow players to dial in a range of tones from warm and fat to crisp and aggressive. The unique 2-piece pickguard is reminiscent of classic designs, but adds a subtle modern edge, and the vintage-style bridge and elephant ear tuners complete the classic vibe. The Capricorn Bass is available in classic black, Olympic white, Lake Placid blue, electric red, sunburst and natural (with maple fretboard).



      • Offset Alder Body
      • 2 Single-Coil EMG-Designed Alnico Pickups
      • Independent Volume Controls for Each Pickup
      • Unique 2-Piece Pickguard
      • Vintage-Style Bridge & Elephant Ear Tuners


      Vekt 15 kg

      Blå (blue)


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      Type Hånd

      Høyrehendt (right hand)



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