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Den nye versjonen av FX Collection inneholder nå 30 ulike effekter samt en rekke oppdateringer til tidligere effekter samt støtte for NKS VST3 og Mac M1 AAX.

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    FX Collection 4 – 4 new products in 1 pack!

    What’s new in FX Collection 4?

    The pack includes 4 brand new products:

    • Rotary CLS-222: An enhanced version of the classic Leslie speaker effect.
    • Dist COLDFIRE: Dual-engine distortion built for every flavor of crunchy, destructive sound design.
    • Filter MS-20: The powerful & edgy sound of the sought-after KORG filter.
    • Rev LX-24: The reverb that defined ‘80s sound, with lush long decays for use with any sound.

    Product & performance updates

    • Bus FORCE adds overdrive gain compensation.
    • Efx FRAGMENTS gets 40 new presets and an updated modulation workflow.
    • Rev LX-24 can now be resized for more compact screen presence.
    • Bus FORCE and Rev SPRING-636 now both have oversampling quality options.
    • Upgraded accessibility features, with real-time text-to-speech feedback.
    • NKS VST3 and Mac M1 AAX support.
    • A number of bug fixes & optimisations.

    Your sonic perfection

    FX Collection 4 is designed as a focused, handpicked selection of the best effects for any
    sound, style, or technique. Between classic studio staples, precise audio enhancers, and
    wildly experimental tools, it’s the perfect balance between concise and versatile for today’s

    Authentic, musical, and more

    Going beyond simple mixing & mastering tools, each plugin in FX Collection 4 is designed
    to form part of the creative process, injecting character, color, and musicality into any
    project – allowing creatives to truly explore and experiment with their sound.

    Classics, modernized

    Want an analog chorus with a different waveform? A vintage compressor upgraded with
    built-in mid-side processing? A digital reverb enhanced with a sidechain feature? From
    vintage to modern, each effect has a hidden Advanced panel, where you’ll unlock new
    levels of sonic versatility.

    Peak production workflow

    Enjoy a flexible, accessible DAW production workflow that suits your style. Every title in
    FX Collection 4 is compatible with your DAW of choice, including full NKS VST3 support.
    Quickly browse presets, learn every effect & parameter with built-in tutorials, and enjoy
    streamlined interfaces that provide real-time sonic solutions.

    An entire boutique studio in your DAW

    30 unique, powerful, musical effects at your disposal; make your vocals sing, your guitars
    shine, your drums smack, and your mixes shimmer with clarity and character. FX Collection
    4 brings only the most vital effect types to your DAW production: distortions, spatial &
    reverb effects, preamps & EQ, compressors, modulation & filters, and delays.


    FX Collection 4 now includes 30 titles, including distortion, modulation, granular,
    mix bus, compression, delay, reverb, preamps, and filters.

    • From vintage to modern: FX Collection 4 combines classic studio emulations with brand new & experimental effects.
    • Over 1000 factory presets: find the subtle adjustments or dramatic mix effects you need in seconds, with presets built into each effect.
    • In-app tutorials: learn every effect and parameter in detail, with tailored tips to get the most out of any sound.
    • The slickest workflow: enjoy intuitive preset browsing, low-latency performance, and streamlined GUIs to make your production process easier than ever.
    • Compatibility: Full NKS VST3 support, compatible with Apple M1 processors.
    • Accessibility: Real-time text-to-speech feedback on presets, parameters, and values for visually-impaired users.
    • Hi-res 4K interfaces with click-and-drag resizing.

    Included Software:

    • Distortions
    • Dist OPAMP-21
    • Spatial & Reverbs
    • Rev LX-24 NEW
    • Rev PLATE-140
    • Rev SPRING-636
    • Preamps & EQ
    • Pre 1973
    • Pre TRIDA
    • Pre V76
    • EQ SITRAL-295
    • Delays
    • Delay TAPE-201
    • Delay BRIGADE
    • Delay ETERNITY
    • Modulation & Filters
    • Rotary CLS-222 NEW
    • Filter MS-20 NEW
    • Tape MELLO-FI
    • Chorus JUN-6
    • Chorus DIMENSION-D
    • Phaser BI-TRON
    • Flanger BL-20
    • Filter MINI
    • Filter M12
    • Filter SEM
    • Compressors
    • Bus FORCE
    • Comp DIODE-609
    • Comp VCA-65
    • Comp TUBE-STA
    • Comp FET-76
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