ANTARI F-1 Fazermaskin 1000W

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      m/trådløs fj.ktr og W-DMX


      A complete make over of X-310, we proudly present you F-1 Fazer equip with new technology and features from the F-Series family.
      The air pump system enhance and smooth the mixture of fog liquid and air to produce fine, dry fog with minimal fluid consumption. Also enable the machine with self cleaning function to extend the lifespan of heater elements. Smart auto sensing frequency feature allow the machine to self adjust to the local frequency without the hassle to change any setting.
      1. 3 DMX Control Mode
          a.Fog volume with fan at 100%      
          b.Fog and Fan volume control
          c.Fog and Fan sync mode
      2. Larger tube diameter
      3. Built-in air pump with self cleaning function
      4. The stability in all details while the maturity reaches perfection
      5. Highest fog quality: dry and pure
      » Voltage:AC-100V/120V/220V/230V/240V,50 Hz / 60 Hz
      » Power Consumption:AC-120V, 790 W  /  AC-230V, 700W
      » Initial Heat-Up Time:5 mins
      » Fluid Consumption Rate:8.5 ml/ min
      » Tank Capacity:2.4 litre
      » Control Options:On-Board Control Panel?
                                      Wireless Remote?DMX?W-DMX
      » Connections:DMX 3+5 pin XLR?Neutrik PowerCon
      » Weight:14.1 Kg
      » Dimensions (mm):L 608 W 275 H 286
      » Liquid Used:Antari FLG Liquid

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