Angel AX-25N2

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      Angel AX-25N2 glockenspiel, 25 notes, G-G, in plastic case, with mallets

      The Angel AX-25N2 is a good quality Glockenspiel, preassembled in a mint blue plastic case. It has 25 coloured bars which cover 2 octaves from G2 to G4.

      The AX-25N2 features exclusively designed note buffer strips, producing a pure sound with added sustain.

      Angel Glockenspiels produce a full sound from the optimally-placed resonant holes.
      Increased volume is achieved by utilizing the included legs on the bottom of the instrument.

      There are no age restrictions to playing a Glockenspiel. It’s a perfect instrument for children and beginners. By using these robust, well-manufactured instruments, children will discover that music is creative, fun and exciting, an experience which can also be shared and enjoyed with classmates.

      The AX-25N2 is easy is take with you and because of that it’s a great instrument for musical societies and schools of music. Of course the Angel AX-25N2 can easily be used at home as well. Its compact size combined with the fact that it is integrated in its carrying case makes it as easy to bring it out as it is to put it away.

      – 2 mallets included




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