Ampeg SVT Micro Stack Classic

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      The Ampeg SVT Micro Stack is a pint-sized amplifier/cabinet combination that’s chock-full of the same classic tone that made the original SVT such a bass powerhouse. The SVT Micro Stack is perfect for recording or live sound situations where the SVT Classic is too much horsepower, but you still want the SVT sound that has been the industry standard for nearly four decades. You get the 200-watt SVT Micro-VR head driving the SVT 210AV’s pair of 10″ Eminence speakers. For situations where you need SVT sound without SVT volume or girth, the Ampeg SVT Micro Stack is a perfect choice.

      • Combination of the SVT Micro-VR head and SVT 210AV speaker cabinet • Ideal for settings that don't require lots of volume while still putting out great tone • 200 watts at 4 ohms • 3-band tone controls help you fine-tune your tone • Balanced line output for easy recording or sound reinforcement • 2 x 10" Eminence speakers have a bold, punchy sound without being boomy or overbearing



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