Beta Three UA662 2/4ohm

Beta Three UA662 2/4ohm

Allen&Heat XONE-92

Allen&Heat XONE-92

kr 14 250,00

Digital DJ Mixer/Controller Inc 96 kHz/24bit USB

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• 4 multi-input stereo channels: RIAA preamps for turntables on 3 inputs, (channel 4 is Line/Line)

• Soundcard output routing switches for each channel (1-2, 3-4, 5-6 & 7-8)

• 3-band total kill EQ: 6dB to off

• 2 FX sends: pre/post selection (internal on FX2)

• 2 stereo returns 
• Headphone monitor with mix/cue control: 3.5mm and ¼” sockets

• 2 analogue VCF filters low-pass, band-pass, high-pass (can be combined for more filter types), resonance frequency, and filter ‘on’ switch

• Filter assignable LFO with depth control and brand-new editable fader step-filter function.

• Completely re-designed and functionally improved BPM detection circuit.

• Mic input: On XLR connector; gain control and 2-band EQ control available: routable straight to soundcard.

• Power supply: High performance internal switch-mode supply

• RIAA: for THREE turntables (four via internal jumper link) 
• Dual Rail VCA Cross Fader




• Totally new 20 channel 96 kHz / 24-bit soundcard connecting via wide-bandwidth USB 2.0 (480Mbit/s)

• Uses 24 bit stereo Analogue to Digital converters and Digital to Analogue converters (not lower spec CODECs)

• 10 in / 10 out (4 stereo in + optical in / 4 stereo out + optical out)

• No software configuration utility – all front panel switched.

• Soundcard inputs fed from Mic, FX2, FX1, Main Mix or from stereo channels 1-4

• Sends - mix, FX, or individual analogue channels may be routed to PC or digital outputs.

• New record output – FX2 RCA outputs can be switched to a RCA record output.

• Drivers available for PC and Mac


• NEW! 2 separate layers of MIDI controllers with control pickup algorithm ensuring a smooth transition between layers.

• 227 MIDI control messages available from 105 separate MIDI controls

• 8 x 60mm linear faders

• 16 x detented rotary pots

• 10 rotary encoders,
• 50 switches,

• 2 custom jog wheels with 4 micro switches

• 8 illuminated push switches

• Xone:4D is compatible with any PC software that has MIDI assignable functions: for instance, lighting controller or visual effects programs


Digital DJ Mixer/Controller Inc 96 kHz/24bit USB