Roland V-COMBO VR-730 Live Performance Keyboard

Roland V-COMBO VR-730 Live Performance Keyboard

Akai MPK Mini Play - MIDI-keyboard med lyder!

Akai MPK Mini Play - MIDI-keyboard med lyder!

Ketron SD60 Arranger keyboard m/høytalere

kr 39 995,00

KETRON har klart det igjen!

De presenterer i disse dager det nye keyboardet SD 60 og Lyd/arranger modulen SD 90.

Med disse nye modellene overgår KETRON alt de tidligere har produsert hva gjelder: Naturlig LIVE lyder, klanger, rytmer og effekter. Gitarister, bassister og trommeslagere er spilt inn og lagt inn i alle rytmer i SD90/SD60.

SD 60 er basert på toppmodellen SD9, men en del nye muligheter. Det har innebyggede høyttalere på 2x20watt.

SD90 er en arranger-modul i samme familie- et unikt redskap for enhver musiker, pianist, keyboardist eller trekkspiller. For spesifikasjoner sjekk den vedlagte listen over alle muligheter som finnes i disse unike instrumentene.


                                    61 semi-weighted keys. 4 Velocity Curves. Programmable touch response. Aftertouch. Portamento. Joystick: Pitch. Modulation.

                                     Transposer: +/-  24. Octave: +/- 2.

POLIPHONY               128 note. Multitimbral 64 parts.

DISPLAY                      Lcd color Tft 7”. Touch screen capacitive 800 x 480 dots. Brightness control.

SOUND & VOICES      672 GM Sounds. 5 Sound Banks. 61 Drum Sets. 368 Preset Voices.1500 User Voices. 2nd Voice. V-Tone. Advanced Voice Editing.

                                      Voice List: 80 Voices programmable and Style assignable. Filter and Resonance live controls.

LIVE DRUM                 Up to 100 Stereo Live Drums. Wav streaming with Time stretching and 3 Band stereo Equalizer.

LIVE GUITAR              150 audio Live Guitars (Folk Acoustic, Electric, Nylon). Stereo and Mix version

GROOVES                  530 Grooves with Latin Percussions, Brazilian, individual and full Drums loops

AUDIO DRUM (GRV)   159 sliced audio Drums loops. Full Arranger structure with ABCD, Fill, Break, Intro-End.

ARRANGER                 400 styles. 140 Live Styles with Live Drums, Live Guitars and Grooves.

                                     Compatibility with User Audio Drum @ from Audya series and SD Series (SD7, SD40, SD80. Drum Boost. 4 Voice Variations. Voice to ABCD.

                                     Voice List assign to Style. Pianist and Bassist mode. Manual Bass. Bass to Lowest. Bass to Root.

STYLE EDIT                Full Pattern creation and Editing. User Style. Live Modeling.

LAUNCHPAD               Up to 2048 Launchpad projects. 12 pads with 6 Scenes. 30 internal demos. 3 x Wav simultaneous with Time stretching and Midi synchronization. Drum kit Looper. Style Import.

PLAYER                       Double Player. Files recognized: Wav, Midi, Mp3, Mp4, Avi, Mov, Flv, Cdg, Jpg, Txt, Pdf. Song Drum Restyle. DJ, Juke Box, Pic&Movie.


                                     5+1 Audio tracks with separate slider control. Metronome click out.

DVI                               Video Monitor Out, Karaoke Lyric/Mirror.

MENU                          Disk, Midi, Play Modes, Audio Edit, Language, Footswitch, Preferences, Controls, Video, Reg. Set up, Arabic Mode.

MEDIA                          Internal Storage: SSD Card 16G. Usb: 3 Host + 1 device. Sd Card slot.  External Storage: Removable HD_ SATA 2.3_2,5 “.

PLAY MODES              Master keyboard. Accordion Style and Classic. Organ (with Pedalboard). Guitar mode with Efx (thru Input).


                                    Live Efx Chain editing. Aftertouch, Portamento, Double controls.

REGISTRATIONS       4 Banks x 1024 Regs. Full Panel and function programming. 4 Playbox with 1024 files per folder (including Midifile, Mp3, Wav).

DSP                             2 x DSP with 2 separate Reverb units, Chorus, Reverb, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Rotary, Autopan, Echo Delay, Tap Delay, Equalizer, Distorsion, Amp simulator, Compressor, Filter. 64 Insert EFX Chains (10 User programmable).

RECORDING               HD Recording. 1 Stereo track. Loop. Audio Edit with Cut, Normalize. Midi Recording with Phrase and Song.

USER MEMORY         up to 400 MB free User programmable.

MICROPHONE            XLR Input. Gain control. Volume. Reverb. Micro On/Off Edit. Talk.

VOICETRON               3 Voice Voicetron. Manual, Unison, Midi Mode, Pitch Corrections, Autotune, Harmony Duet & Trio. 10 Voicetron User.

MIDI                             In1 (Gm), In 2 (Keyb). Out. Thru. Midi Set up: Standard, Computer & Sequencer, Keyboard Right, Accordion, Player, Style.

OUT                             Left/Right Stereo, Pedal Volume, Sustain Pedal, Micro Out.

INPUT                         Guitar (Instrument) / Micro2.

HEADPHONE              Stereo Headphone. Aux separate Out Assign (to Drums, Right, Bass, Click).

OPTIONAL                   Footswitch 6 or 13, Volume Pedal, Sustain pedal, Bag.

POWER SUPPLY        External 15V-4A.

AMPLIFIER                  2 x 20 watts. 2 x Midrange speakers + 2 x Tweeters. Speaker On /Off.

DIMENSIONS              110,5 x 13,5 x 40 cm. (43,5 x 5,7 x 15,7 inches).

WEIGHT                       19 Kg. (41 lbs)